Welcome to the reality check you didn’t know you needed. SinchTech isn’t for everyone—just those who value their vehicle enough to protect it with more than a flimsy piece of fabric. Our revolutionary locking feature transforms a basic necessity into a fortress for your car. If you’re still settling for less, it’s time to ask yourself why.

Easy Installation

The convenient zipper and sinch technology allows for quick installation.

Secure Locking

The patented locking system provides protection from possible theft

Quality Protection

The SinchTech Cover has been wind tested in a wind tunnel.

why sinchtech? because you know better.



Your current car cover might as well be a welcome mat for thieves and the elements. SinchTech’s locking mechanism isn’t a luxury—it’s the bare minimum for those who take their vehicle’s protection seriously. Anything less is negligence.

Features that shame the rest:

Product Packages

Protect Your Car With a SinchTech Car Cover

Our 5 layer car cover is composed of the most durable fabric available. It is guaranteed to protect your car from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, ice, sun, and wind, ensuring protection for indoor and outdoor use all year. It features three bonded layers of polypropylene, a micro-porous film layer for breathability, and an inner cotton layer to protect the finish. Order now and protect your car with Sinchtech!

Car Cover

$395 / Cover
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