The first advancement in
Golf Cart Cover technology in
over a half-century.

NOW you can have SECURITY for
your golf cart with our innovative
BUILT-IN locking device.

SinchTech cover on a car
Lock icon

Locks to your cart for secure all weather protection

Wind icon

Stays secure in high winds

Sun icon

Protection from sun, rain, snow and wind debris

Shield icon

Helps prevent theft & vandalism

Securing your Golf Cart cover is a "Sinch"


And just like a sinch is used to secure a saddle to a horse, the SinchTech GC1 cinches down to hold tight to your golf cart.

SinchTechâ„¢ Golf Cart Covers are built tough for rugged & dependable all-weather protection.
Developed and assembled in the USA, SinchTech covers are manufactured to the highest standards with premium materials, perfectly suited for long term outdoor and indoor storage.

SinchTech GC1 - Features & Specs

StatisticsStorage bagDeveloped & assembled in the USA
  • The SinchTech patented locking cable mechanism is the only built-in security system for Golf Cart Covers that can protect your Golf Cart from possible theft and/or vandalism.
  • The SinchTech Cover can protect and secure your Golf Cart in heavy winds as tested in extreme wind conditions.*
  • The SinchTech Cover can protect your Golf Cart like no other cover on the market, from sun, rain, snow, dust and wind debris.
  • The SinchTech Cover is easy and fast to install or remove from your Golf Cart, and comes with an integrated storage bag .
  • Dimensions:
    87" long x 45" wide x 59" high
  • $195.00 plus tax where applicable.
    Includes free shipping.

* As tested in wind-tunnel conditions.